1. The vagaries of fate clearly intrigue [Emily St. John] Mandel, as we discuss how one character’s taking a photograph of a child has an immediate impact that radiates outward.

    “What tiny thing that you do changes everything?” Mandel asks, launching into a story of how she met her husband only because she picked up a free newspaper in Toronto more than a decade ago, read a book review and began corresponding with its author. After he became her boyfriend and they moved to New York City, she met the man who eventually became her husband. “If I hadn’t bent down that day and picked up that weekly newspaper, this entire life I’ve built might not have happened,” she muses.


    Claire Kirch, “Dark…and Literary,” Publishers Weekly

    *       *       *

    Mandel’s latest, The Lola Quartet, will be released by Unbridled Books in May. It’s one of my most anticipated books of the year!

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